Publication: Histopathological characteristics of AIH

In february 2015 the article below was published in Histopathology. 

We performed a detailed histopathological evaluation of the pretreatment biopsies of 63 AIH patients, and used biopsies of 62 untreated chronic viral hepatitis patients as a reference cohort.  Emperipolesis and rosettes were superior to plasma cells and interface hepatitis as independent predictors for AIH. 

Assessment of the histopathological key features in autoimmune hepatitis.

de Boer YS, van Nieuwkerk CM, Witte BI, Mulder CJ, Bouma G, Bloemena E.

Histopathology. 2015 Feb;66(3):351-62

Dissertation Nicole van Gerven

It’s a fact. May 29th Nicole van Gerven wil be the first reseacher acquiring her PhD on her work, initiated by the AIH working group.


The titel of her thesis is